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Features of Leather

The Unique and Valuable Qualities of Leather

Leather outlasts fabric four to one having a useful life of fifteen to Twenty years compared to four to five with some fabrics.
Leather will not tear and is half again as strong as any fabric, even along the seam lines.
Colors are absorbed by the leather and will not rub or fade.
Modern leather will not crack or peel.
It stretches and retains its shape without sagging.
It resists sun and heat damage.
Pure Aniline dyed leather will breathe and assume body temperature rapidly and is instantaneously comfortable.
Leather is a practical material ideal for busy lifestyles.
No special solvents or cleaners are needed to keep it looking good.
Leather ages well. It will not wear like fabrics covers.
Instead, fine leather acquires a fine natural patina and may become more supple with age.
Leather is fire resistant and emits no toxic fumes. Even when exposed to intense heat.

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