The Mystique of Leather

As every car enthusiast knows, the finest automobiles are upholstered in leather. The very best baseball gloves are made from fine steer hide. And if you want to go out wearing the ultimate in fashion, you put on a leather coat.

Why do we find leather always in the very best? Why do people in the know, always insist on genuine leather? Prestige, durability, eye appeal and feel are some of the many qualities that leather has to offer.

Leather has certain practical properties that are difficult in any man-made material. But beyond that, there is something else that attracts us to leathersomething more difficult to define that is impossible to imitate with synthetics. The scent and the feel of a fine piece of upholstered leather furniture touch something deeper than mere practical considerations.

That is because leather, as a natural product, by its inherent beauty, affects our senses and emotions. Psychologists call this the aesthetic appeal. Though it varies from person to person, an aesthetic sense is present in all of us. Man-made products fail to stimulate our aesthetic sense in the same way.

Leathers can tap into this aspect of the human psyche because of the expertise of the tanner. The tanner controls the quality of the leather as it is processed. His goal is to preserve the hide and finish with a product that captures that special natural look and feel. If he fails, he ends up with something that feels false or synthetic to the touch, lacking the fine luxurious feel of quality leather. Many imitation products are printed or patterned like leather, but anyone who has experienced the benefits to fine leather will testify that leather has no equal.

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